OUR STORY....   

Manny and John got together nearly thirty years ago to provide high-quality construction services with a conscientious approach. Good, old-fashioned craftsmanship delivered with a strong, positive work ethic, professionalism and integrity combined with the finest tools modern technology and a very skilled team members make for a great team!  

Manny and John have been involved in the construction industry in one way or another since a very early age.   Both ended up following in their dads' footsteps -  carpenters - after starting out by helping their respective fathers renovate their own  homes.  At the age of 14, Manny knew the name of every tool and "how to" use it!  Manny also worked at building supplies company for several years before the two met and decided  to go out and join forces.


The two compliment one another in that Manny comes in to do the rough work and then John  comes with his expertise in finishes and completes all of the final touches! Together with their outstanding team members, they make home renovation dreams come true for many satisfied home owners!


Interesting how things happen, says John...
"Manny and I  both happen to be purchasing supplies for our respective small renovations companies at the same building supplier when  the store owner introduced us".

"After a few minutes of "trade talk", it was clear that we shared very similar ideas about the way construction should be done.  I suspected we'd work well together, so I showed Manny the blueprints for a construction project I needed help with... That was 1988 - I was right!"